Latinx Game Designer, Actual Play Show Runner,
and so much genre emulation.


Brandon is a Peruvian-American game designer, podcaster, streamer, and community organizer in the tabletop role-playing game community. Brandon uses he/him pronouns. His design focuses are on games that emulate media and expanding the capabilities of the Powered by the Apocalypse engine. He can be contacted through a variety of methods, but Twitter is probably best.

He started into games with Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and was initially very bad at it. Since then, some would say he's gotten better at games. Indeed, he is doing so now.


Pasión de las Pasiones

Pasión de las Pasiones is a PbtA tabletop role-playing game where you play the cast of the world’s most dramatic and exciting telenovela: Pasión de las Pasiones, as well as the family watching at home. In Pasión de las Pasiones, lies will be exposed, plots will be shattered, hearts will be broken, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a happy ending…at least for now.

An ashcan (demo) version of the game is currently available in physical format or as a pdf on DriveThru.

Brandon ran the most recent version of Pasión de las Pasiones on the One Shot Podcast!

Podcasts and Video Projects

The LatinXplosion

LatinXplosion is an upcoming stream to highlight the incredible Latinidad in the ttrpg space. It is a celebration of culture, identity, and community. Every aspect of this channel aims to highlight Latinxs as heroes.

Our streaming schedule is currently being sorted out, but will begin with a weekly streamed set of games of Masks: A New Generation, a game about young heroes growing into their superhero identities. This will be (at least initially) structured as short comic runs, 3-4 streams with a single team before jumping over to a new one.

The game is streamed live and is also available on Youtube.

Protean City Comics

Are you seeking thrilling tales of Adventure and Super-Heroics?
Do you crave the weekly drama of Teenage Hijinks and High School Angst?

Don't miss the next episode of Protean City Comics!

Protean City Comics is a weekly actual play podcast in the Masks: A New Generation game.

It follows the lives of teenage super heroes in Protean City as they battle villains, seek to establish themselves as heroes, and struggle to find what kind of person they want to be.

Stop, Hack, & Roll Podcast

Stop, Hack, & Roll is a tabletop roleplaying game podcast designed to push games to new levels through modifier, hacking, and improving games. Every two weeks, Brandon and James discuss their game design, new ideas, and experimental mechanics.

Hiring and Other Credits

Hey, I'm really busy with a whole lot going on! However, I love to be involved in other people's game design and podcasting. If you'd like to have me write for one of your projects, please get in contact with me using Twitter or another method to discuss. I have a variety of podcast and streaming credits, as well as several written projects.

At this time, I'm working out my rates for these. Hopefully I'll soon be able to give predictions of costs ahead of time. It's important when trying to build a community that we value the work of people involved, which sometimes starts with valuing ourselves!

If you'd like to see some of the other guest appearances I've been involved with check out my Podchaser.

Bonus Section! Pippin!

This is Pippin! He's the best little pupper in the world! He's also on his social media grind (though I'll admit, I don't run his accounts) and is also well worth a follow. His game design insights are probably not as good as mine though.

Way more pictures and some videos of him can be found on Instagram and Twitter!

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